Saturday, October 3, 2020

More Pandemic Projects: Ottoman Additions

 Earlier this week I decided I was going to paint my 2nd unit of Ottoman Sipahis of the Porte.  I don't paint these lightly, as the first unit I painted took something like 12 hours?  That is roughly 3 times what a unit of 8 normally takes me. In fact I have had the second unit of 8 kicking around for more then 6 months, and I was finally recharged enough to take them on.  I hadn't photographed the first unit, janissary bases, or giant friggin' cannon because although they were painted, they were not based when I took photos of the whole army.


The Assault Group Ottoman Sipahis of the Porte
(the Sultans household cavalry)


Other side with shields.
newly painted unit in the lead

 I'm less happy with the geometric patterns on the new unit.  I though I should cover up the black lines I had painted on as guides, but it turns out they give everything a crispness that really makes them pop.  I don't really have the skill to paint them without those lines. it was way more obvious once i saw the pictures. I Also noticed i forgot the white feathering. I'll be going back over with the black lines  and feathering the legs to finish them.


New bases for my TAG Jannisaries

I got some new bases for my TAG Jannisaries to bring them closer to the basing for Beneath the Lilly Banners: With Tooth and Claw Suggestions.

Ottoman Giant Friggin' Cannon.  Crew are TAG
miniatures, cannon is from Wizkids Deep cuts line

Giant Friggin' Cannon from the other side

Finally there is the Ottoman Giant Friggin' Cannon, as I call it.  this is a cannon from the Wizkids "Deep Cuts" line of fantasy terrain and accessories. This line has a lot of great generic items. This thing was only $7 bucks canadian!! That's almost half the price of any normal sized cannon from Front rank etc.  Its actually modeled on the Tsar cannon but it looks great with my ottomans. Now all I need is a 12 horse limber for it!

That's it for now. All the ottomans I own are painted now. in a week or two I may have some terrain projects ready to be photographed.


  1. These look great! Colors and patterns are fantastic.

  2. Wow! That is a stunning collection. I love the bright colours and patterns - they look as spectacular as I imagine they would have done. Really great work 👍

  3. Really excellent painting. Love the colour.