Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back from Computer crash!

It's been almost a month since my computer crashed. I've spent the last week getting everything up and running again, and I'm finally almost done.  So that's why my blog has been silent for 3 days shy of a month.

I Didn't do alot of painting for myself for teh first few weeks.  I had some commission work that took up about half teh month( Forgeworld Aeronautica Imperialis fightercraft) and i worked a little more on my terrain.  I snapped a few pictures of some stuff, knowing i owuld eventually be back online and able to post them here. I also snapped some shots of my gaming space, the Military Interests and Gaming Society  clubhouse.

Lionel O-scale Bridge.  This has been sitting around 
since awaiting some love the end of November.

28mm Plowed Fields.  These are Dollar Store door 
mats that Mike Hoyt discovered.

I was playing around with the Panorama feature 
on my new Camera. Here is a shot of the Miniature 
gaming side of the club. here you see 9 of our 4x6 tables, mostly in groups of 2, that are a bit taller then standard tables.

And here is my locker full of stuff. I'm lucky because MIGS is one of the few permanent Gaming clubs I've ever seen.  Yeah, it's a basement, but we have a total of  15 4'x6' tables, plus 36+ lockers of various sizes. My locker is the largest size, being about 3 feet deep 4 or 5 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall.

Anyway, I'll have 2 or 3 posts over the next couple of days to get caught up. tomorrow I'll post some thought on my black powder playtest games, and I'll also post some pictures of some stuff I've been painting up for the ImagiNation project(but not the stuff you think!)


  1. Good to have you back, thats an great O scale bridge and lockers at you club now that is amazing plus your club seems like a good place to go, you seem to have a great set up but permanent lockers (thats what dreams are made of).

  2. Lovely board and cudo's on the bridge!


  3. I have lost songs from iTunes that i have purchased because my hard drive crashed and i had no back up?

  4. Is there any possible for Hard disk crash if i restart my computer for 10 times?

  5. Why does my computer crash and reboot after I installed windows xp?

  6. Why does my computer crash and reboot after I installed windows xp?

  7. How do i re-load my itunes purchases onto my computer after a computer crash?

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