Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imagination Surprise!

OK, so yesterday I told you I had some Imagination Stuff done, but that it wasn't what you would think it was. so here it is:

TAG Janissaries

These Janissaries are from my Eastern Renaissance Collection, but I've decided to use them for this as well. Janissaries didn't change much in the 100 years between when i bought the for and the Imagination stuff we are doing. I almost have enough more figures at the moment to do 16 more janissaries and a unit of 8 Timarli Sipahi with a big man.  I need to grab 3 more packs (8 figs) of janissaries to finish of the second 'battalion' in the janissary regiment, plus another pack of command, and a regimental Kazan(soup anyone?) I also want to grab a Turkish cannon & crew, and a unit of 8 Tufecis as a skirmish screen.

These particular Janissaries are from the Asarya beylerbeylik (adminstrative area made up of several provinces, each having a military governor) of the former Ohtaran Empire. Asarya was one of the Major western regions  in the empire, and had been occupied for several hundred years before the collapse.  Asarya had also been one of the largest sources of Janissary infantry for the empire and had a long, rich Military history.

When the Beylerbeyi (military Governor-general) Saw that the Empire was headed for Open rebellion in other provinces, he made sure to poisiton Military officers Loyal to Asarya in all critical military positions.  only one of his subordinate governors had intended to declare independence, but he "drowned" mysteriously before he could do so. as a result,  the Ohtaran empire lives on in a much smaller form in Asarya.

Geographically, Asarya borders the the Electorate of Lustigzollern - Großgesaß to the southeast. Even though the Beylerbeyi and  Kurfurst Großgesaß are on good terms, some of the Asarya governors like to raid along the Border.

some time in the next month or two I will Acquire and start painting  the Electorate forces. I just decided to start with these guys because i've had them sitting around for 7 or 8 months. plus it starts 2 projects with 1 stone.


  1. I think this is some of your nicest work yet!

  2. Very nice work, I believe Janissaries were made up of foreigners but were classed as very good troops?

  3. they were originally 'drafted' boys from Christian families . A law was passed called the Devsirme in the 14th Century that basically allowed the Turkish authorities take christian boys(usual from the balkans). In 1683 however the Devsirme was abolished because the sultan was afraid that the predominantly christian force was becoming to powerful.

    The were well trained and the first Professional standing army in Europe since the Romans. they were also well supported on campaign (better then Western European armies of the time) and they had a well organized support corps.

    Later in the 18th century the system started to fall apart due to corruption, similar to Western religious orders like the Templars etc.

  4. You may well border New Byzantium too :-)