Friday, February 4, 2011

Enter the Spahis!

 Joining the Janissaries that i painted earlier in the week,  these are the first cavalry to be finished since i decided to rebase to the pill hsaped base.  I definitely prefer them to the 40mm bases i  had originally planned on using. these guys will eventually be joined by a mostly lance-armed Sipahi unit.

These guys are lead by Devrim Uzanlar. he is athletic and an  accomplished rider who is universally loved by his troops(so says the Character generation in Sharp Practice). 

I have 2 more groups of 8  Janissaries to paint, and 2 more Sipahis with lances before i run out of figures. but i have to devote some more time to some commissioned War Machine figures. I'm planning to finish 20 figures for Sunday, and then the remaining figures of the commission by the following Sunday.


  1. Very nice looking unt.



  2. Many rulers of Imagi-Nations will envy the Electorate of Lustigzollern - Grossgesass its colorful 'exotic' contingents!

  3. Done exactly the same with my Imagi-Nation (New Byzantium - link below) ie base all the light troops as singles to play Sharp Practice with.

    Very impressed with your cavalry too, New Byz is a crossover between Austrian & Balkan Turkish styles with strong French influence and i am looking at what to use in the Turkic style heavy and light units.