Monday, April 23, 2012

Diving into Dystopian Wars

a little over a year ago I was given a copy of Dsytopian Wars 1.1 rulebook  for helping a friend take merchandise to a convention. then last October at Council fires, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Blazing sun fleet at a pretty decent discount.  I had initially really like the Prussians, but since 3 other guys I knew had bought Prussian fleets, i decided against it.  I bought a naval boxed set, a dreadnought a pack of destroyers and a pack of escorts.  A month or so later the Covenant of  Antarctica fleet was released, and I immediately bought a matching set of ships to fight my Blazing Sun fleet.  somewhere along the line I also picked up a pair of medium flyers for both nations(inari scout ships and Icarus flyers)

Over Christmas break I had painted both battleships and cruisers for each fleet. but heading back to school took up most of my time so I once again put the project on the back burner. finally, I had my last exam on Thursday last week. so over the weekend, I was (apparently) anxious to get pack to painting, so I painted everything but the escorts, and 3 covenant frigates, and flyers.

Covenant of Antarctica Fleet

Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet.
I have to say that i *really* like the Covenant ships. especially the cruisers and armoured cruisers. I also cannot wait for the Russians to be released. 

I have not bought into the ground combat portion of the game yet, because generally speaking, I think the ground combat stuff is terrible looking.  the only ones that look decent so far are the British and the french. That being said, the little I`ve seen of the Russian ground forces have me a bit excited to see the rest of them.

now all I need to do is find someone to play with.

Stay tuned, I should have some more 28mm Napoleonic pics by the end of the week.


  1. Looking good Steve, good to see you back to producing some high quality paint jobs. For playing partners, you could always try and convince Dave to paint up the Prussian fleet box I KNOW he has laying around the painting studio.

    Probably has a two inch thick layer of dust on it by now considering Mike and I made the trip out to get it way back two years ago for Christmas...

  2. Two excellent looking fleets, particularly like the colour scheme for the Covenant

  3. I really like the camo colours on the COA fleet. Great job.