Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Of Cannons and Houses

 Sunday and Monday, I painted up another of the buildings o got at Hotlead 2 years ago.  This was the same lot I got my church and Farm with. also in the picture is the first of 3 Royal Artillery teams from plastic the Victrix boxed set.

H.G.Walls house  based, with Victrix Royal Artillery team.
with the exception of the church, all the buildings I had had cast-on roofs.  I cut the roof off the building, and in this case added an internal floor(with a block in the middle for ease of removal).

View of the inside of the house

the cannon teams are a nice addition.  the infantry are not as frustrating to assemble as some of the Victrix sets are, and they paint up nicely. Each figure in  the set comes with 2 or 3 choices of arms  and equipment to keep the poses fresh. you can probably make 12 or so different poses from the 15 crew in the boxed set.  the cannon is many pieces, including the chains on the underside of the carriage.  There are 2 issues i have with this set.  the first is the lack of horses for the limber(which is not painted up yet due to this fact)  this was a disappointing revelation. I would much rather sacrifice the 3rd team sprue for the 12 horses to complete the 1st 2 limber teams. the 2nd issue is the lack of wood grain on the surfaces that should have a wood grain.

Closeup of Victrix artillery team

Fortunately Perry makes a British 6-horse team available by itself(for a large wagon I'll probably get a pair of these later this summer to complete the limber teams.


  1. Lovely building. Your basing fits it well and the gun team looks great.

  2. This house is cool, turned out well in this base, well done!

    Greetings Remco

  3. Very impressive work. Well done.