Monday, May 14, 2012

Baden Artillery

I've finally gotten around to starting the last of my Napoleonic Baden army. in this case it is a 2-stand artillery battery.  I used Front rank Bavarian Artillerymen. I also have them with Sash & saber Austrian guns.
Baden artillery battery.
Front rank figures with Sash & Saber guns

When I had bought this stuff a couple of years ago, the only source I could find that mentioned Baden artillery equipment at all said that they most  likely used captured Austrian cannons.  Now there is a source mentioned on TMP that show that their cannons  were all cast in Bavaria, which I presume means they were french(since that is what the Bavarians used to my knowledge).  But i already spent the money, so I'm not changing them now.

the Bavarian artillerymen are not a perfect match for Baden artillerymen though.  the helmet should not have the plume on the side. however this is too much work to cut off a metal figure(and would require re-sculpting the side of the helmet) so I just left it black. also, the metal work on the front is slightly different. the  helmet should lack the medallion, and in it's place have a peak rising into the same point from the metal band at the base of the helmet.

I should perhaps also mention that some sources say that the facings and labels were edged in red.  I was using the plates for my Baden army, and they do not show this. the plates are the only source for Baden uniforms that I found that gives you ALL of them in one place, so i stuck with his interpretation. plus they are free.


  1. Stephen, they look wonderful. I have a 15mm Baden army, produced by Jacobite. I don;t recall the source that I used, but my cannon are all painted in grey (the carriages that is). My next project is a Front Rank Portuguese Napoleonic army... you've inspired me to hurry and finish the work I'm doing so that I can get started on them!!!

  2. the colour listed for Baden artillery equipment is always dark grey, although I'll admit mine turned out darker then I'd have liked.

    I've been spurred back into the period buy a bunch of younger guys, at my local store, who have taken an interesting in Napoleonics using Black Powder. I actually have 4 more Baden hussars(using perry french hussars) half painted.

    I'm currently saving to restart my Russian corps using perry and warlord figures. i still have my mostly front rank cavalry corps and Imperial guard kicking around though.

  3. I've been meaning to add a battery of foot artillery and the Light Dragoons to my small contingent of 2 Line and one Jager assembled from those rare Pontoonier figures, acquired back during the short window when they were available circa 2008.

    I'd thought the Front Rank would probably be a reasonable match for them, and can't think of any other 28mm mfr that does Bavarians that would be similar in size and sculpting...


  4. A really great battery! Painting style is excellent!