Monday, May 14, 2012

Cutting one Project to Fund Another...

the first time i saw Zvezda undead Romans, i fell in love with them.  I had to buy them, and make an army. unfortunately i only was able to find 2 boxes, so after painting and assembling one of them, i put the project by the wayside.

Then a few years ago at a Convention in my area, i ran into a guy i have known for several years, and i happened to mention the idea, and he  happened to know a store in London, Ontario that had several boxes, and the dream was reborn for a time.  

I rethought the project.  now, it was a combination of humans and undead.  the humans formed the recruit/inexperienced cohorts. if they survived to become veterans, they went to the first cohort.  if the died, they were resurrected and put into on of the other cohorts. i had some old Glory Romans kicking around from years ago to use as the recruit cohorts, and i bought some of the then new  Warlord Hardened veterans to form the first cohort,  and a box of the resin and metal  roman artillery to supplement the dead artillery I had acquired.

then I got into Napoleonics, and the project once again fell by the wayside. then Napoleonics gave way into the current projects(WW2, FIW, Imaginations) and then my gaming group unofficially dissolved and i went back to school.

Now i find myself with all these figures, and i don't think the project will ever get finished.  my interest in fantasy is waned over the years, and although I think this army would be really cool to have, i just can't seem to ever find the time or the will(or the space) to actually DO anything with them.

As such, Ive decided to sell them to someone who might actually do something with them.

I would like to try and sell them in two groups first, but if there are no takers, I'll consider splitting them up.

Here is a list

1x Cursed Legion Boxed set(assembled, painted, 20 legionaires , 4 archers)
4x Cursed legion Boxed Set(4 command assembled, everything else on sprue)
1x Cavalry of the Cursed Legion(2 figures assembled, rest on sprue)
1x artillery of the Cursed Legion( 5 figures on sprue, everything else assembled)
Price $120 USD

1x warlord Roman Artillery boxed set (resin assembled)
1x Warlord Plastic Roman hardened Veterans(assembled)
1x Roman command(6 metal, to do command stands for the old glory units)
2x Old Glory Roman cohorts(16 figs each)
1x Roman Mounted Tribune
2x other foot command figures.
Price: $85 USD

Buyer Pays shipping from Canada. I'd suggest a service with delivery confirmation, but if you want to go cheap, I'm not responsible for things going missing(it's not happened to anything I've shipped, but you never know).

 the assembled skeletons are fragile so I cannot guarantee they will survive shipping completely intact.   you can email me  at

crucible_orc *AT* sympatico *DOT* ca  (so the spam bots can't get a hold of my address)

and now the pics:

Artillery of the Cursed Legion.  5 additional crew on sprue

Painted Cursed Legion Boxed set(you'll get the necromancer free)
Remaining Cursed legion boxed sets & Sprues

Old Glory Romans

Warlord Romans stuff.
there are 3 or 4 additional unassembled plastic veterans in a bag


  1. I know that store in London, it's the one just off Richmond at Adelaide if memory serves. Good selection of plastic there.
    Love the skeleton Romans.
    That "Ring of Rule" on the Zveda box is pretty subtle, ain't it. You'd never think it was a Tolkein reference. :)

  2. Still selling the Skellies ?! Email me at