Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Finished Imagination Army: the Electorate of Lustigzollern-Großgesaß

 About 2 years ago I started playing Beneath the Lilly Banners. I put on a bit game at the Mayday convention(in... May).  For the game i added larger cannons to my existing 2 3Iber crusader teams, as well as finishing off the line infantry. I also painted the full regiment of Osterhaagen Dragoons.

Map of the Electorate

Earlier this year I also finished off  2 Converged grenadier battalions, 2 more 3Ib cannon teams 6 pandours and 8 jagers.

Electorate Artillery Park.  4 3Ib cannons and Crew by Crusader,
2 6Ib cannons, Crew, and carts/limbers by Front Rank

24 Köztársaság Pandours by Crusader, 6 Mounted Pandours from
Front Rank, and 8 Perry Hessian Jagers.

2 Battalions each of Traugott Regiment(left) and Fenstermacher
Regiment(Right). Front Rank figures.  1 Crusader Converged
grenadier battalion at the back

Kurfurst(left) and Kurprinz(right) Regiments by Crusader miniatures.
Converged Grenadier Battalion in the rear, also Crusader)

Metzger Cuirassier(left) by Crusader. 
Osterhaagen Dragoons(right) by Front Rank
 At this point, I may reorganize the cavalry command figures into a command stand stand for each regiment, and I need to purchase a a pair of limbers to finish off the artillery.  I also have some Allied troops  for the Aquilonian Army(small nation to the East of the Electorate) using Eureka Arquebusier de Grassin. 


  1. Greetings from the Grand Electorate of Saxe-Freedonia!

  2. Hi! Can you make a post commenting about ImagiNations and how it works? Your armies looks great and the option to create a imaginated nation is very interesting.

    Thanks and regards from Spain!
    Jesús Jaraíz

    1. Hi Jesús,

      ImagiNations are pretty simple. decide on a period(for me its 1720-1760-ish) decide on a historical rules set that covers the period and that you like, and start piecing together the history of your nation(s). it's kind of like an exercise in creative writing, only with a miniature army.

      When i started Crusader had recently released their Seven years War Hungarians, so I decided to use them as the primary infantry. we had originally intended to use the armies primarily with Sharp Practice so everything was individually based. we moved on to Maurice(yuck!) and I've also used Muskets and tomahawks. My current preferred rules used are Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed.

      I started with a couple of uniform plate blanks from Not by Appointment Blog and used a name generator to generate names for regimental colonels. that's how how most of the units are named in the German tradition, except the Kurprinz and Kurfurst regiments.