Thursday, November 28, 2019

New Project: AWI for Sharp Practice

Sometime back in September i started painting up the American War of Independence miniatures I have had sitting around since just before I left Ontario. I used them as a test bed for using GW contrast paints.

generally speaking, I really like the contrast paints. I wish their coverage was a little more universal across the line though. some are go on way to heavily, and do almost no shading. and some are way too week. weak enough you might as well just use a army painter wash.

That said, the Black Templar(Black), Dark angels Red, Apothecary White and Skeletal Horde(off white/light tan). Dark angles red is perfect for black powder era British red coats. i use 3 parts Talasar Blue to 1 part Ultramarine Blue for Napoleonic french/AWI American coats.  for green coated troops I'll be using 1 part Dark Angels Green to 1 part Ork Flesh. and for brown coats I'll be using 1 part Snakebite leather to 1 part Cygor brown. These mixes tend to give me a colour I like, with the right tone and amount of coverage(shading and highlighting) I'm looking for. they go on in basically one coat and save me a lot of time.
Fife and Drum British artillery, Perry everything else.

New york VOlunteers(3rd American Rgt.), Perry Plastics

British 62nd Regiment of Foot.  Perry metal minis

(left) Maryland Continental Infantry
(right) Pennsylvania Continental Infantry

(back) Perry Ammo cart and Fife and Drum 6Ib Cannon,
(Front left) Perry Amusette team
(Front Right) Pennsylvania light infantry
(middle)Deployment points, (Front)moveable deployment
points, and (back) Mule train

I made some Deployment points out of some Wizkids Deep Cuts barrels and crates.  i added in some TAG muskets and swords, some buckets from the Fife and Drum artillery accessories, a a few extra hats from the Perry plastic boxes. the mules are also from the Wizkids Deep Cuts RPG minis line. there are some fantastic little bits of scatter and scenery. I used some casualties from the AWI British plastic box to make the moveable deployment points.

I'm particularly proud of the Continental light infantry Amusette team I kitbashed.  This is actually one of the Perry Jager Amusettes. I cut off the tricornes and affixed some spare Continental light infantry caps in their place. I wanted an american amusette because i know that the Virginia state Armoury and nearby Rappahanock Forge made amusettes for the American army. in fact 6 still exist in collection in the US to this day. but absolutely no one makes a team in 28mm.

I do have more planned for the AWI project.  I have more green coated Infantry, the Kings Carolina Rangers, to paint.  I also have 16 more Continental infantry in light caps.  I also have 2 Fife and drum Limbers for the 6Ib cannons and a pair of Fife and Drum 3Ib grasshopper guns and limbers. i also have enough figures left to make another unit of American infantry, something in brown coats. I'm doing the green and brown coats for a splash of colour.

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