Monday, November 25, 2019

Long Time No See!

well I'm back for what is hopefully not another few and far between post.

I've been fairly unmotivated to post since I moved to Alberta.  The Historical gaming scene in edmonton is much smaller then I had grown used to in Hamilton, Ontario.   For a while some local guys and myself tried to host a monthly game day at the clubhouse in my condo subdivision, but after 2 years we weren't making enough money to break even on the rental fee. so we shut it down.  the local cons are almost entirely devoted to Mainstream and tournament related games like Warhammer 40K , Kings of War, and Bolt Action. 

I have discovered Beneath the Lilly Banners for my Imagination armies. Its a great set of rules, and the 3rd edition makes it a little easier to use armies from a slightly later period.  they released the  eastern wars supplement, With Talon and Claw, which introduces some Polish and Ottoman specific rules, both of which are armies I use in whole or part in my Imaginations.

For the One small historically oriented Convention we have in Edmonton, MayDay, I always help out and host a big game as well as smaller games.  I've run  a 10 foot napoleon game using Field of Battle, Imaginations using Muskets and Tomahawks and Beneath the Lilly Banners, a Big Chain of Command Battle of France game.  I've used all of these to get some serious work put in on  the related projects.

I've Expanded my Ottoman army substantially to include more heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and non-Janissary infantry. My Electorate  army(imaginations) is all painted, and i only have a few figures left for my Polish.  I've expanded my 28mm WW2 collection to include French Cuirassier Portes, German Schutzen, and more tanks and support teams for both sides. I've also reorganised my Soviets into early war squads to fight the Japanese I've added, with tanks for both sides.

I now have a 28mm Napoleonic Prussian brigade painted, with a 2nd one waiting to be painted.  sadly there is no one I've found who seriously plays big battle Napoleonics here, so all the unpainted stuff I have for that project has languished in its boxes.

I've also recently  begun painting my long awaited AWI project for Sharp Practice.

I don't have decent pictures of all of this available yet, but here is some pics of my Ottoman army as it stands now:

Ottoman Akinji light cavalry, TAG miniatures

Ottoman Artillery.  TAG guns and crew, Front Rank carts and Limbers

Ottoman artillery from another angle

Timariot Sipahis, TAG minis

Janissaries, TAG Minis

Levant, TAG minies

Tufekci Skirmishers, TAG minies

Ottoman Command Stands, Tag Miniatures

TAG Sipahis of the Porte, TAG miniatures
I still have 1 unit of Sipahis of the Porte(Kapikulu) waiting to be painted, and I've added a large bombard with crew to the artillery recently, but no picture yet.

Here's to hoping I post more often!


  1. Very well done Stephen.
    Keep it up.

  2. here's to a fine posting. perhaps it will give you the inspiration to post more in the near future. BTW, the photo of the Sipahis of the Porte is superior!

  3. Fantastic Ottoman army! I'm jealous! (I've done a Napoleonic Ottoman force that doesn't look half that good.)

  4. Nicely done. It's much better, and cheaper, in 6 mm. Best of all worlds.

  5. That is a great looking army. Amazingly colourful. Hope you get to have some more games locally soon.

  6. Great looking Ottoman Empire. Shame you couldn't keep your club running. I live on Vancouver Island and consider myself fortunate to have a one buddy within 20 minutes (even share an interest in the same periods) and few more just over an hour away in Nanaimo. We get together with the Nanaimo group about 4 times a year but Murdock and I get together once, sometimes twice, a month.

  7. Hello Stephen: I didn't you know you had fled west to Edmonton, I enjoyed seeing you at Hot Lead. I lived in AB for two years though and love the place, and you are only two hours away from Sentry Box West in Calgary.
    Your Ottomans are totally inspiring and have me wanting to work on my own. I see there is a 3rd ed of Lilly Banners coming out soon, that is very tempting. Good to hear from you. Michael

    1. Thanks Mad Padre.

      Actually the 3rd edition of Beneath the Lilly Banners(Called war of the Three Kings) will have been out 2 years in March. With Tooth and Claw is the eastern wars supplement was released this past summer.

      I really miss conventions like Hotlead. the closest miniatures convention of around Hotlead's size is Trumpeter salute in Vancouver.