Saturday, February 15, 2014

More French and Russians

Despite a bought of insomnia which screwed up most of my week, i still managed to get 3 battalions painted.  the last Russian battalion is sitting on my desk awaiting paint.  when it's done, I'll have completed the first of 2 divisions.

the first 2 of 3 battalions are perry plastic french with a couple of Perry metal officers, painted as Legere. the main change is that instead of painting the cuff straps I simply left them blue and painted the white angles on the arms.

The Russian battalion I painted is the first battalion of the New Ingria regiment (or new Ingermand regiment, depending on the source referenced). they are perry with a foundry metal officer I've had kicking around.

as mentioned the 2nd battalion is awaiting paint, and will be the last battalion to finish off the infantry portion of my first division.  the artilelry have been ordered and are en route as we speak..


  1. Three beautiful battalions in a week! I am jealous! It took me seven years to paint my first Napoleonic battalion!

  2. Fantastic atmosphere and great painting job (again...). Bravo!