Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RN Naval Boarding Party

so yesterday after posting, I finished up a set of 8 Ironclad Miniatures Royal Navy Boarding Party figures as a 2nd lot for a recent commission.  they were lead by a west wind officer in similar garb.

interesting figures to be sure, and unique too. Although the sculpting is not to the same level as the IHMN figures I painted yesterday they still came out nicely. They are also noticeably smaller.

Lord Curr's company is next on hte block. they will be started on tomorrow.


  1. Nice figs. Reminds me of Ned Kelly in Australia.

  2. I think that the figure is, in fact, West Wind's version of Ned Kelly, from their Empire of the Dead line. I have the same figure myself.

    Well done on the paint.