Sunday, February 9, 2014

Russians and French

So after getting back from my  reenactment last weekend, I started painting Monday afternoon. By the time I had wrapped up painting for the week late Thursday night, I had painted 4 battalions of infantry(64 figures).  I had painted about 6 hours a day.

Battalion of french infantry in greatcoats,
Perry palstics with a metal flag bearer and drummer

Russian Alexopol regiment
Perry figures
2nd Battalion, Narva regiment.

I'm gonna try and do the same thin g this week, but alternating between french and Russians.  I'm currently 2 units away from completing both a Russian division and French brigade.  alternating will hopefully keep me from getting sick of painting Russians

Since new years I figured I've painted something like 160ish infantry and at least 9 cavalry plus building/painting a butt load of terrain.


  1. They look splendid!

    Kind regards

  2. I really like your painting style. Very, very nice.