Monday, December 30, 2019

28mm Napoleonic Prussians

about 3 years ago I painted a Napoleonic Prussian brigade to act as the flanking force in a Battle of Kulm scenario I put on at MayDay, the Local convention.

I had wanted to make the 8nd Brigade, under the General-major von Hunerbein(at Leipzig), but I goofed.  I put the flags for the 1st east Prussian line regiment on the regular infantry instead of the 8th Prussian regimental standards.  I'll have to make sure I fixed that when I eventually paint the 2nd Brigade(under Prinz Karl of Mecklenburg-Strelitz). Both were part of the 1st Army Corps during the battle of Leipzig)

The 8th brigade is supposed to contain the 8th Line regiment(1st Brandenburg), the 12th Reserve regiment , the 14th Silesian Landwehr regiment, XV foot battery, 2 squadrons of Brandenburg hussars and the 2 squadrons of the 3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry.

the (mostly) 8th Brigade, under General Major von Hunerbein

(Left) Bandenburg Hussars, (Right) 3rd Silesian Landwehr
Cavalry, (front) XV foot Battery

1st East Prussian Infantry regiment, with Fusilier battalion
leading the way

12th Reserve Infantry regiment

14th Silesian Landwehr Regiment
Prussians and Russian Guard engaging the French right flank

The French right flank routs
All the Prussian Miniature are Perry except the Landwehr which are 1st generation Warlord.
I have all the infantry I need for the 2nd Brigade from the 1st corps at Leipzig. I have 1 unit of 8 hussars but I'll need a second unit of 8 and another 2 guns for the foot battery. I also have a unit of volunteer jagers for each brigade to finish.


  1. Very nice! What size bases do you use? They look the same size for inf and cav?

  2. yes, I use 50x50mm(2x2") bases for Infantry, cavalry and Artillery, and 60mm rounds for command. usually I also have an army command base on something larger like a CD.

  3. Excellent work, they look very nice!

  4. Great looking troops! I'm very much an 1813 Prussian fan and am raising the entire III Korps of von Bulow using vintage 25mm figures (Scruby, Der Kriegspieler, MiniFig, etc.)

    According to information from Nash's book on the Prussian Army, the 2nd Brigade had three FWJ detachments, one each with the 1st and 2nd East Prussian Regiments and with the Silesian Grenadier Battalion, while the 8th Brigade only had one with the Brandenburg (12th) Regiment.


  5. And other OB information I have places the Leib (1st Brandenburg) Regiment in the 7th Brigade and the 12th (2nd Brandenburg) Regiment in the 8th Brigade. Of course I think my OB is from August 1813 and not from the Leipzig period. The Prussians did so much switching of units between brigades and creating task organized ad hoc commands that sometimes it is hard to tell who was with whom.

    Again, you do great painting work!!


  6. Looking good. I also have this same brigade but I also have the Thuringian battalion attached.

  7. Great work! The Prussian army of 1813 and 1815 is great to paint with lots of variation, all of Landwehr make them very interesting to paint and play with.

    all the best with your projects and plans in 2020