Friday, December 6, 2019

More World War 2: Japanese type A reinforced Platoon

I like doing less well known periods of ww2. When I started my early war french project over a decade ago, it wasn't really something everyone though of in miniature gaming.  It only really got big when bolt action started releasing early war armies.

I originally had some Soviets too. although they very much fell by the wayside as i got caught up in the throws of my 1940s french and Germans.  they were always the third army I had, but never really got a lot of love.

when my France 1940 project was near a close I jumped into my ww2 box and found most of a TAG Japanese platoon I've had since The Assault Group miniatures stopped being distributed and went direct sale only. I had totally forgotten I had these. I decided I would paint them up and reorganize my soviets for 1939.

Warlord/Italieri type 97 Chi-ha platoon.

The Assault Group Infantry Platoon, Type A

Support teams. the mmg is TAG, the other 3 are Brigade games
with Additional TAG crew

Squad Close up

Platoon command, snipers, Grenade Discharger Squad, and a Forward Observer at the back.

This platoon is not quite complete.  I need some engineers, and I need 6 more infantry to complete the 15 man strong sections for the  type A platoon.  the main infantry element at the battle of Kalkhin Gol was a reinforced "type A" division, which had more manpower and more equipment. I also have 3 Company B Type 89Bs that are next on the block after I finish my BT-7s(only a little weathering left to go)

I really want to add some type-95s and type 92 Jyu-sokosha or 2, and a type 97 Te ke tankette. you know, all the really obscure stuff lol.

Incidentally if anyone wants to trade 6 TAG infantry with Rifles(or the above mentioned tanks), I have a whole host of extra miniatures.  I have  4 or 5 officers, 7 LMGs(4 prone), 2 snipers, and 4 infantry with knee mortars.  I think I also have 4x 4-figure 81mm mortar teams advancing. All TAG miniatures.


  1. Looking rather nice. I'm doing Malaya 1942 for my next CoC effort, and I'm using the Warlord plastic Japanese. I hope they turn out half as nice as yours.

  2. Great looking army, I agree everything WWII has (almost) always been heavily focussed on Normandy 1944 so it is nice to see such expansion in other ranges and rulesets in more recent years.

  3. In some cases, these companies have actually had the audacity to buy out smaller companies who did know the genre and they destroyed long-held legacies of great traditional games. click here