Wednesday, December 11, 2019

WW2: Early(ish) Soviets

So here is the last of the WW2 armies that I currently own.  I've had most of these soviets for about a decade now. most have been painted for that time.   They are mostly Crusader soviets, along with some TAG and some Black tree mixed in. The Engineer flamethrower team, 50mm mortar and a few random gun crew are Bolt Action/Warlord.

I've re-arranged the platoon into 15 man squads for 1939 to fight my Japanese  on the Mongolian border. along with 2 extra models to bring teh squads up to 15, I've added the BT-7s, 45mm AT gun, 50mm Mortar, and  engineer 2 man flamer team.


AGNM BT-7s from a different Angle

Full Platoon and support shot.

Infantry Squads

Platoon Command and Support

I really want to pick up a platoon each of Rubicon T26s and BA-10s. other then that, I have more then enough Infantry support teams.  so the infantry Component is definitely done.

In  the future, once I have money again,  I am considering doing a USMC Parachute battalion. These are a really poorly represented group in miniature gaming, and they have some very unique gear.  I'd be using Brigade games USMC raiders as they have a pack or two with the right weapons and the raider style uniform is the closest to the USMC Parachute battalions.  The 1st parachute battalion was with present with the 1st Marine Raider battalion at the battle for 'Edson's ridge". they also fought earlier on Guadal Canal, and at Bougainville.  The 3 parachute battalions were disbanded, having never made a combat jump,  and later formed to the core of the newly raised 5th Marine Division.  Many were awarded medals for the fighting at Iwo Jima, and 2 of the former "paramarines" were in the famous picture raising the US flag at Iwo Jima.  I like obscure topics, and this little-known USMC formation fits the bill perfectly.


  1. Nice looking army. The USMC paras would also be a very interesting force to explore further.

  2. Very cool. And its nice to see some one useing those para-marines from brigade games.

  3. Great collection of Ruskies there.

  4. Great looking Soviet force! Nice mix of makers too.