Tuesday, December 3, 2019

World War 2 Germans For Chain of command.

So here are my  Early war Germans. These have been recently touched up. I also added 1 Pz III, 1 Pz IV, and 3 Sdkfz 222s in April early this year.  everything i had prior to that but i repainted it to match the new scheme.

the infantry is oddly set up. I have 2 squads each of Schutzen and regular infantry.  This is due to the game I put on at last may's Mayday Convention in Edmonton.  I had multiple platoons of infantry, but to reduce the work new players had to do  i reduced the platoons to 2 squads instead of 3.  i already had 4 squads of Germans, and enough extra MG34s and loaders to make half my squads  Schutzen, so i did so.  i also had enough figures to make 2 full German platoon HQs and enough support options to reinforce 2 platoons.  I had intended afterwards to  buy 2 additional squads to fill out the platoons after the game, but i was laid off just before the convention.

the only difference between schutzen and regular infantry is the colour of the shoulder straps.  Schutzen were black piped green, and regular infantry were black piped white.  I know some companies sell schutzen in smocks, but only usually only the SS schutzen were equipped with them during the battle of France.  As such you can barely tell the difference other then the extra MG34.

the Germans.  Mostly Crusader, but there are some Black
Tree designs and Pre-Warlord Bold Action miniatures mixed in.

Left two squads are Schutzen, Right two are Regular Infantry

2 Platoon commands complete with 50mm mortar.  addtional support Teams
ignore the Pack 38. Its left over from when i used to use these for 1941-42

My German vehicle collection. Everything is AGNM,
except the Neubauferzeug VI, which is JTFM.

Left to right, front to back: 3 Sdkfz 222s, Pz II,
Neubaufehrzeug VI, Pz. IV,  STuG III, Panzerjager I

Left to right, front to back:  3 Pz 38Ts, 1 Pz. I, 3 Pz. IIIs

 That is my collection so far. I'd like to bump both platoons up to a full 3 squads, and I'd like to add a squad of pioneers. Past that I don't have much in mind.


  1. Great looking set of figures and vehicles. Very nice indeed, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Great looking Armies

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