Thursday, January 30, 2014

more napoleonic Russians and such

this weekend I pounded our 2 more units of Napoleonic Russians, and a skirmish unit of Baden Jagers.  39 figures this week to round out my January painting.

the first is the 1st battalion of the Narva Regiment.  and yes, the grenadiers are on the wrong side.

Perry Plastic Russian infantry, representing the 1st Battalion
of the Narva Infantry Regiment

the next unit is the last of the 26th Infantry Divisions Jagers, a battalion of the  42nd Jagers, in line.

Perry Plastic Russians and a metal perry officer representing
the 1st battalion of the 42nd Jager Regiment

rounding out the group is a unit of Baden Jager battalion "Lingg" these are bavarian elites from Foundry.

Foundry Bavarian Elites representing the
Baden 'Lingg' Jager Battalion

 I'll be away over the weekend doing revolutionary war Drill up north, in the snow(YAY!). should be lost of fun.


  1. Nice. Thanks for posting. Russians are on my to do list.

  2. Very nice! Great work. Have added you to my blog list, thanks for posting.

  3. Terrific work, Stephen - love everything about them, esp the faces. Enjoy winter drill, I used to do ACW winter training weekends as well as winter exercises with the CF at Meaford. I got paid to go to Meaford but enjoyed the ACW drill better.

  4. Beautiful figures...and pictures!