Monday, April 7, 2014

2nd CoC Game

I GMed (co-GMed, as it turned out, with Dave Hoyt) a CoC game for a few friends yesterday afternoon.  this game was a slightly more moderate game in terms of forces used then the last(more infantry, less support).

this games was again early war french Vs German. the table was 8x6, but of course the way the patrol phase worked out the game was actually played on only a portion of the table.  I corrected a few mistakes in the way the rules played out versus the first game  earlier last week.

French Platoon :
LT(senior leader)
Platoon sergeant(junior leader)
 VB rifle grenadier squad(4 + junior leader)
3x  infantry squads(10 + junior leader)
25mm AT gun
60mm mortar
Hotchkiss MMG
Hotchkiss H-39

German Platoon:
LT(senior leader)
Feldwebel(senior leader)
5cm mortar
3x  infantry squads(9 + junior leader)
Pak 36 AT gun

Pzkpfw 38(t)

As in the first battle, the Germans opened up with a charge, led by the Feldwebel, on a full french squad in heavy cover. despite this, the Germans prevailed and took possession of the graveyard. the feldwebel was badly wounded and shipped off to the rear areas for treatment.  a few phases later the remainder of the squad would be routed by concentrated fire from the VBs and another infantry squad that had taken up residence in the church.

The game was relatively uneventful for teh next while. after the bloody melee, both sides took up residence in hte buildings for cover, and protection against the mortars and VBs. the german 38(t) entered teh board and shot up some french infantry.

\Finally the lull broke The french got 3 phases in a row.  during the first phase the french opened fire on a building across the street, and killed 6! only 8 were alive inside the building, and the remaining shock routed the squad.  during the course of the next 2 rounds, the french continued the above average rolling, and cut down a full German squad in another building.  

The french player then opted to use his 1 chain of command dice to end the turn, forcing the french to role morale for the 2 broken squads.  the German player opted to use his lone chain of command dice to ignore one force morale test, but despite this, he was left with only 2 command dice to roll, a tank, a 5cm mortar team, and a single squad of 2 infantry(who had been rallied from the squad that opened the game with the melee). he still had the MG team and an AT team off board, as well as his LT. we called the game, with the Germans effectively neutralized.

This game ran faster then the previous one.  We started around 12:30 and were done shortly after 3:30.  the french luck at the end was phenomenal. Up until that point the loses had been about equal and neither side had seen much gain.

The next game won't be fore a bit, as we are probably playing imaginations in 2 weeks.  this works well as it give Martin time to get some Soviets painted.  I'd like to do a bit of Operation Barbarossa.

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