Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Commonwealth of Polhynov Guard Haiduks

Gwardia Hajduk Regiment with command in the fore.

Last night I finished off the Guard Haiduk regiment that has been sitting on my desk  for a few weeks.  these are for my imagination the Commonwealth of Polhynov(or Rzechczypospolita na Polhynow in Polish). the figures are, as with all my other eastern renaissance, TAG miniatures.

Gwardia Hajduk command close up.
The Guard Haiduks use heavy Bardische axes, and as such are treated as a pike unit in Maurice. we have not used any pike units yet, so it should be an interesting change.

TAG figures are always fun to paint. I made the flags my self, and here is a look at them unfurled:

Regimental standard on top, Hetman's Standard on the bottom.
the flags symbols are historical.  The golden eagle is from a standard from a 16th century 'Przemysl district" standard.  the white eagle is Jan Sobieski's crest (1680s) which I have co-opted as the Mielczewski Family/Commonwealth Crest.  the coloured fields are of my own concoction.

the Polhynov standard system is similar to the British napoleonic system, each regiment has a Hetnman's Standard(kings colours) and a regimental standard(regimental colours).

i do plan 2 regiments of 24 cavalry ultimately, for anyone wondering why a polish-based army is so cavalry-light.  the regiment of Husaria(heavy cavalry) will be Front Rank French WSS horse grenadiers, and the light cavalry regiment will use Eureka Polish Uhlans from the 28mm SYW Saxon

Now that these are done, the Polhynov forces can take to the field this Friday, when i get together with friends Martin, Dave, Dan and Jon to play a big game of imaginations Maurice.


  1. [q]Rzechczypospolita na Polhynow in Polish[/q]

    Rzeczpospolita is Ok but i assure you there is not such word as polhynow in Polish..

    Country name was Rzezpospolita Obojga Narodów (RON) or rzeczpospolita Polska.

    Really dont know where Polhynov come from.. No clue..

  2. it's an Imagi-nation. I made it up. it's only based on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. the name "Polhynov" is also made up.

  3. Impressive stuff, really like the flags! What program are you designing these in?

  4. Glorious, fierce-looking unit! For sure they deserve their 'elite' status.

  5. Looks great, the flags are amazing!