Monday, April 14, 2014

ACW Buildings for Martin

At out last game day Martin gave me a pair of buildings to base up for him. It seems I have convinced him that buildings look good with bases.

 The church was painted presumably by martin(or possibly bought painted). the clap board manor was painted by me earlier in the year. both buildings are made by Hovels.

The fences, gravestones and raven/crow are all Renedra plastic offerings. trees are Woodland Scenics.

I had wanted to make the buildings easily removable for storage, but hovels are cast in one piece, and are either solid castings or hollow with extremely irregular inside edges making it hard to do so.  i may revisit them at a later date to see what else i can do.


  1. Church was bought painted at Historicon many years ago and yes I am now convinced all buildings should be based like the above :).
    Btw they look amazing Stephen. Thank you again worth every cent.

  2. Great-looking basing on those buildings. The custom bases really add some more detail on the tabletop.

    Kind regards

  3. Very nice work. Both bases look very good,

  4. Excellent work, these buildings are amazing, great basing!