Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Commission: Foundry Argonauts, Heracles, and Zetes

Last night and this morning I worked on a group of 10 figures as part of an ongoing commission. This group was comprised of 8 Argonauts, Heracles, and Zetes, made by Foundry.

4 Argonauts in helmets

4 Argonauts without helmets.
Maybe veterans or officers.

Heracles & Zetes
These figures were a lot of fun to paint. Aside form the fact that I have not painted ancients in years(and even then only Romans), they are lovely figures. Although with all the bronze trim on the armour, they can be time consuming.  The way I paint usually requires me to undercoat any metallic with white, so that it starts very bright. Since the rest of the armour is  medium/dark grey, highlighted then black washed,  I have to both edge in white, THEN the bronze colour, and then give it a wash. so in effect I have to do all the bronze edging twice.  Fortunately I enjoy the occasional fiddly work.  especailly when it's so very different from anything I'm currently painting. After all, Variety is the spice of life!

also, I'm about 22 hits away from having 100,000 hits in under 4 years since I started the blog(4 years on May 29th).  I'd celebrate by having some sort of contest or something, but I don't really have the funds to pull that off.  maybe by the time I hit 200,000 hits I'll have gotten a brake and be able to.


  1. Lovely job on these. The armour is exceptionally good.

  2. Very nice -- you might consider a darker wash on those white clothes to emphasize shadows.