Monday, April 14, 2014

The next commission: IHMN+

I've now started a 2nd commission form the same gentlemen who commissioned me to paint the 'In Her Majesty's Name' figures i painted in March.

This time there is a total of 70 figures, including an IHMN Dragon Tong,  Foundry Argonauts, Empress mid 1800s naval crew, Conan figrues, and some Hinterland female sailors.

from left to right:  Dragon Lord(Reaper Minis),
Dragon lady, Master Wu-jen, Yeti

last night I finish off and photographed the 15 figures that make up the Dragon Tong.

Dragon Warrior, Tong henchmen
These figures were generally a joy to paint. the Dragon lady. and Dragon lord have a wonderful amount of detail, although the Dragon lady's face make her look like the most manly looking Asian woman I've ever seen. the patterns on the Dragon lady and Lord's robes are freehand.

2 Tong Henchmen, 2 Boxers
4 Tong henchmen (unknown manufacturer)

next to be panted in this commission are teh 10 figures that make up Argonauts from foundry. These should be done in the next day or 2. Also  either tonight or tomorrow morning I have a couple of  buildings, suitable for AWI, 1812 or ACW that, I've based for my friend Martin.

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