Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flag Day!

Today I spent about an hour converting all my Napoleonic  Russian flags using my new flag texture. I had previously spent many hours cobbling these together form pictures in books, and scans of the centre crests. I could not find all the flags commercially so i decided to make them myself(mostly). this is the precursor to my returning to painting my 28mm perry Russians.

The force I chose to build this time was the Rievski's 7th Corps(Kolubakin's 12th and Paskievitch's 26th Divisions) at Borodino . I also chose 2 grenadier regiments to build from the Prince of Mecklenburg's Grenadier division. also, for the battle, the Ahktyrka Hussar regiment was detached from Sievers 4th Reserve Cavalry Corps, along with the 8th light(horse) artillery Company.

The regiments are listed in order of seniority inside the division.  This is important because the epaulettes on Russian uniforms were colored different colours for the seniority in the divisions: red for 1st, white for second, yellow for 3rd and light green lined red for 4th. each division also includes 2 Jager regiments, but they were never issued standards.  Jager epaulettes were pale yellow or light blue, based on seniority again. All grenadier epaulettes were red.

Paskievitch's 26th Infantry Division
Jagers: 5th and 42nd Regiments
 Artillery: 26th Heavy , 47th & 48th Light Companies

Nigegorod Infantry Regiment
Lodoga Infantry Regiment
Poltava Infantry Regiment
Orel Infantry Regiment

Kolubakin's 12th Infantry Division
Jagers: 6th and 42s Regiments 
 Artillery: 12th Heavy , 22nd & 23rd Light Companies

Smolensk Infantry Regiment
Narva Infantry Regiment

Alexopol Infantry Regiment
New Ingermand / New Ingria Infantry Regiment

Random Grenadiers from Mecklenburg's Grenadier Division

Fangoria Grenadier Regiment
Moscow Grenadier Regiment

I'll be working on the 26th Division first.

I still have Sievers 4th cavalry Corps from  alst time i build (and then sold) a Russian army. i picked the infantry corps before i started researching so i had not yet realized teh obvious(hussar) connection between these 2 corps(they also were on the same part of the battlefield at Borodino).

I also Still have 3 battalions of a the Preobrajanski Guard Regiment, Guard Artillery, Guard Jagers, and the Emperor's(guard) Curiassier Regiment.  Also have 5 battalions of Foundry Opelchinie(3 painted, 2 in the queue), 2 of which are pike armed.


  1. Have generic flags in my VII Corps: my head started to ache working out what the 'correct' flags might be. Good job!

  2. Fantastic flags! You are the only person on the net who has publicly posted flags like these (apart from Napflags which are a little outdated( and new my Russian armies will finally get the flags they deserve!

  3. no problem. I had similar problems which is why I've done this. i i said in the blog, I can make other regimental flags, as long as they fit into one of the existing patterns( IE just different colours. Email me at crucible_orc*AT*hotmail*DOT*com, and i'll see what I can do.