Saturday, January 4, 2014

Osterhaagan Dragoon Command

last week I decided to do a test painting of my Electorate dragoon regiment, the Osterhaagen Dragoons.  I always paint the command for that.

for this unit I used Front rank  Austrian Dragoons with swords shouldered. as usual the front rank offerings are quite nice, and paint up well.

 The officer on the left is Colonel Inhaber Karl von Osterhaagen, and the officer on the left is leutnant Torston Eberhart.

Since the dragoons descent from infantry formations, their ranks and flags resemble those of the infantry. As with infantry standards, the tassel colour is the same as the cross colour on the standard.

in other news, I was up for a quick visit  at J&M miniatures HQ. I picked up a copy of Chain of Command and Maurice(and accompanying cards). I'm in the process of reading Maurice, and hope to try a game out some time in the next week.


  1. Maurice is a great game. I've played several games with it. Very entertaining. CoC is damn good too.

  2. I suspect as much, and you guys are where i got the idea :P

    once i have all my bases up and my 2nd infantry regiment up and running we should have a game.