Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunday's ACW game and the culmination of last week's terrain Blitz.

closeup of tree bases made for martin. there were 7 in total.
this past Sunday we played a game of 28mm ACW at my friend Martin's house.  some of the buildings, fences, roads, and woods and a field were a good portion of what I spent the previous week making. it was played on an 9x6 table, with foam terrain tiles made by Myself and Dave Hoyt (unfortunately not present).

shot of most of the table.

Berdan's sharpshooters in some spiffy woods

Dan's zouaves wade through a pond for an
advantageous position on Martin's line.

Dan's brigade closes with Martin's Confederate line.

Tthe figures were painted  from several sources, Martin painted some, I painted 3 units of zouaves for martin, and he bought some already painted.

zouaves are egged on by a union commander,
painted by Martin

the rules used were Foundry's From bull run to Gettysburg. these were odd rules, which really trivialize morale, cover, and artillery.  it was fun rolling dice and shifting figures around with friends, but we all thought maybe next time a different rules set is in order.  unfortunately i can't really do a battle report because the confused nature of the rules keep me occupied enough that i forgot to make mental notes. not that I usually remember to do that anyway...

The church and confederate supplies

on the left, the 3rd Union brigade closes on the flank
of the farm under covering fire from the guns.

Martin and I, along with our friends Dan and Jon try to get together every 2 weeks for a game. The next game however will be in 3 weeks, as Dan and I have a rev war reenacting Drill  weekend on scheduled weekend.

My main brigade assaults the confederate
defended farm commanded by Jon.

This week appears to be the week of the polish. already painted 24, painted another 12 today plus a polish general. i hope to finished the 2nd 12 by the end of the weekend, so I'll post them then.


  1. I can't decide what's nicer, the terrain or the minis. Very lovely. I hope you and your friends bring that kit to Stratford for Hot Lead in March.

  2. So weird rules..Anyway, the game looks fantastic

  3. What a great looking game! You've inspired me to work on my