Monday, January 13, 2014

Terrain Blitz

yesterday afternoon I found myself overcome with the need to do.. something.  I spent a little while trying to decide on what to do, then i decided to try something I've been looking at doing for a while: new, larger hedges/bocage.

German supply convoy driving along side bocage/hedge

Hedges and road with recently repainted foundry
Russian officer and Jagers

I cut up some MDF into 12", 6" and 4" lengths.  i then tested the concept out on the 2 12 inch bases. I used Spanish moss, found at most craft or floral stores.  i bunched it together in long thin-ish strips, and hot glued it to bases. i then watered down some carpenters glue and sprayed down the moss and flocked it with Woodland Scenics green blend flocking.  finally, once dry  I take some very watered down carpenters glue and i soak the Spanish moss , which after drying, hardens flocking, making it less likely to come off.

hedges and road with AGNM WW2 German transports

Once this was drying I was looking for some other stuff, to do, so I went into my gaming cupboard and fished out 6 12" lengths of roofing shingles that i had cut several months ago, to make roads using an Architects of war article. I was initially skeptical because it is difficult to see a grain worthy of drybushing on the backside of the shingle but it got getter looking as I  drybrushed progressively lighter, and looked pretty darn solid once flocked..

Field with all pieces in place.
still needs the basing painted and flocked
finally I  then decided to pull out one of the bristle door mats from the back room and make a field with removable sections. i cut out a 12" piece of MDF and beveled the edges.  I then cut out an 11" piece of mat, and then cut a 1/2" around the inside of that, and glued it down.  i based around the outside and in the centre.  finally i cut the 10"x10" section that fits in the middle down to 9.75" x 9.75". this has to be done because the mat flares out at the edges. if you want to be able to fit it inside the boarder, you need to cut it down a bit.  I then cut it into 8 pieces of various sizes.

Russian jagers hiding out in a field.
Removed pieces shown behind
 this week's objective is to complete some more terrain, renedra fences, as well as paint a tank for a friend's Russians.

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