Friday, January 24, 2014

Onikszta Haiduk Regiment

or Hajducy Muszkieterzy na Onikszta in polish.   Onikszta is the Powiat(country) in which the regiment is raised, and quartered in times of peace. most counties are responsible for the raising of at least 1 Haiduk Regiment.

Hajducy Muszkieterzy na Onikszta with command.
figures are of course The Assault Group

 the Commonwealth of Polhynov is coming out of a period of reorganisation of  it's military into a more modern fighting force.   Although they keep their more traditional style dress, the colours have been made uniform for each district and the colours are of  the voivodeship that each country belongs to.

they have been trained very similarly to other western infantry. the one concession was the use of the light bardische axes.  the veteran haiduks refused to give them up, and units have been training in their use anyway, so the king decided to include them in the new military system.  they do have the added impact of making the polish infantry hard hitting in a charge. the guard retain their heavy bardische axes, making them formidible against cavalry as well. they do sacrifice a great deal of firepower in doing so(in Maurice they count as pike units)

Next is the army command stand, Hetman Wielki(grand hetman) Wlodzislaw Mielczewski.    Mieczewski grew up in a Koenigsreich occupied county. he was joined the a konigsreich infantry regiment on the far side of the empire and learned their trade.  but his heart always belonged to polhynov.  when the current kings father pulled together the voivodes and  reclaimed conquered counties, Mielczewski abandoned his post in the Konigsreich and returned to Polhynov to aid his country. he quickly rose through the ranks wand was an invaluable advisor and general when fighting the more western style armies. 

the  banner was a new  attempt at making my own wavy-flag texture. it turned out quite nice.  this is battlestandard of the Rzechczypospolita na Polhynow.  the crest is actually

the Battle standard of Polhynov, without being all wrinkled and wave and crap.

Jan Sobieski's, but the red and blue fields are of my own design. It turned out quite nice.

this was was pretty productive, I've painted 45 infantry and 2 cavalry. i plan before the weekend is out to paint my mounted pandours as well.