Friday, June 18, 2010

Battle Report: Assault on a native Village Part 1

NFriday night at the club we began a  large Sharp Practice battle at the club.  In the scenario, the British and Colonial forces tracked a french raiding party back to their base camp, which happens to be a native village. the British leader decides the Indians need to be taught a lesson for harbouring  french raiders!

The forces are as follows:

French raiders/Native groups:
1 group of 6 bow-armed Natives (War party, poor quality, but aggressive in combat)
2 groups of 8 musket-armed natives (War party, poor quality, but aggressive in combat)
2 groups of Compagnies Franches de la Marine ( good quality)

Big Men:
Chief Seganam, initiative 3 
Dikanawida, initiative 2
Sunukkahkau, initiative 1
Capitaine Joseph Celeron, initiative 2
Lieutenant Jean-Claude Pècaudy, initiative 1

French Reinforcements(to enter on the 3rd blank card):
3 groups of 8 French line infantry (average quality)
1 light cannon & crew (average quality)

Big Men:
Captain Rene Duperrè, initiative 2
Languadoc Infantrie Standard Bearer
Lieutenant Zacharie Lafreniere, initiative 1
Lieutenant Stephane Rocheleau, initiative 1

British and Colonial Forces:
3 groups of 8 British line Infantry(average quality)
1 group of  8 British Grenadiers (good quality)
2 groups of 8 Colonial Rangers (good quality)
1 groups 8 British light infantry( average quality)
1 group of 10 Virginia Infantry(poor quality)
2 Light Cannons & 4 crew each (average quality)
1 light coehorn mortar and 2 crew (average quality)

Big Men:
Major James Abercromby,  initiative 3
44th Regiment of Foot Standard Bearer
Captain Peter Halkett, initiative 2
Captain Robert Rogers, initiative 2
Major George Washington, initiative 2
Lieutenant  Cameron Baxter, initiative 2
Lieutenant Alexander Field, initiative 1
Lieutenant  George Williams, initiative 1
Lieutenant Robert Chadwick, initiative 1
Lieutenant Moses Hazen, initiative 1

The first turn and a half was uneventful. the British on their Blinds advanced on the Native village, and no one spotted anyone.  although near the end of the 2nd turn Lt. Pècaudy and his group of French marines managed to spot Lt Field setting up his cannon for a shot to at the right side of the clearing. Pècaudy was in turn spotted by Hazen and his rangers.Both Hazen and Rogers appeared off their blinds and let loose a volley ate Pècaudy. Causing some shock among his men.

the 3th turn saw the Natives starting to stir.  Apparently they heard some musket fire in the distance and moved to investigate. upon doing so,  they also managed to spot some British artillery (Lt. Field again) loading on the right side of the clearing.   The rangers and marines continued trading fire with Pècaudy's Marines, getting the better of the Frenchmen.  Lieutenant Chadwick group his light infantry up hte far light flank, swinging around onto hte flank of the beleaguered french Marines. they ran smack into Capitane Celeron and hist troops.  Meanwhile  to the left of the clearing,  Baxter was positioning his artillery on the hill.  THe remainder of the British force advanced across the path.  Unfortunately for the french reinforcements, The 2nd tiffin card appeared before the 3rd Blank card, and the turn ended before they could move on the table.

Fortunately,  the 1st card of the 4th turn was the blank card.  the french reinforcements marched on into what appearedto be the rear of the advancing British troops.  Suddenly to left of the path, Major Washington appeared and charged into the fray, killing a pair of french infantry and beating the rest away with musket butts. Capitaine Duperrè quickly reorganized his column and let loose a volley.  Lt Lafreniere   Somehow found himself falling behind  Rocheleau's artillery team ( the french players mixed up the order of his blinds by accident). Hearing the scuffle behind him, Major Abercromby took one group of infantry and his grenadiers to investigate. Upon reaching the path, he realized what was happening and sent a volley into Duperrè's infantry.

On the other flank, the Frenchmen were really taking a beating.  Pinned and outnumbered 2 to 1, Lt Pècaudy signaled for his men to retreat.  Seizing them moment, the 2 ranger officers moved in on Celeron's men and caught them in a 3-way crossfire. both British cannon teams had taken a shot at the wall, causing only minor damage. the Mortar overshot the sentries at the entrance, landing behind amidst Indians exiting the right most longhouse

When we ended the game at the end of the 6th turn, the french had gotten  the artillery up in front of Washington's Virginians,  With Duperrè and  Lafreniere had set up a crossfire on the Virginians from either side of the cannon. the Rangers had cut down half  the french marines on the other flank, and half the remaining ones were in retreat.  With  the beginning of a new turn, will he Virginian's take the initiative and charge the Cannon before it has time to load?

We'll be continuing this game on Sunday afternoon at Migs.

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