Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More ECW

After finishing the remainder of the FIW collection I have on-hand, I decided I wanted to switch modes for a bit. I decided to try painting up some of the Warlord Pike & Shotte plastic Pikemen and Command i have laying around.

I decided to paint them up as Lord Brooke's Regiment for 2 reasons. The main uniform colour is purple, and the standard happens to be on the Parliamentarian Flag sheet included with my Pike & Shotte Battalia Box.  I find that the heavy paper that Warlord Games prints their flag sheets on is too heavy for for the bending that i do with my standards. It does not bend smoothly and the surface can actually begin to crease and crack under the pressure. so I scanned the sheet at 600 DPI .  I chose 600DPI so that i can print it off much larger then the original without sacrificing  too much detail.

This regiment will be roughly 5 times the size it is now(40 Figures) when it is finished. there will be 8 more pike, as well as 24 muskets  after this one is done the next unit i intend to paint will be Lord Seye & Sele's  regiment.  I'm aiming to have 4 pike & shotte foot regiments, 2 cavalry regiments(12 figures each), 1 Dragoon regiment(12 foot & 12 Mounted), 2 firelock regiments(12 & 18 figures) and 1 artillery piece for my parliamentarian army..  If by the time i finish that, i don't have an opponent, I'll likely do a royalist contingent of roughly the same size.

I'm also looking for a good set of rules to use for ECW. I know Warlord is releasing an ECW supplement for Black Powder at some point, but no news on when yet. I've played 1644, and wasn't overly impressed, especially with the morale being completely divorced from casualties.  I am Curious to see what For God, King and Country by the Canadian Wargamers Group is like.  I've played Habitants & Highlanders as well as Rocket's Red Glare and enjoyed them.  If anyone has a copy of  For God, King and Country they would part with, Let me know.


  1. Very nice! And how often do we really get to paint purple?

    cheers, Dave

  2. the 3rd regiment in the line up will be orange(Essex's regiment), for the very same reason.

  3. Stephen, I admire your work greatly. How long has it taken you to put this unit together from scratch?

  4. well these 32 figures I painted in about 4 Days ( started Tuesday, finished Friday morning) I actually have another 8 figures to finish the unit tomorrow.

    I take about 2.5 hours to finish 8 figures. add about another 1.5 or so hours total for basing. grand total 14 hours for these 40 figures(21 minutes per figure including basing)

    40 figures in a week is pretty decent, but when I was painting my friend's 28mm Napoleonic Austrians 3 years ago, I painted and based 80 figures & 1 mounted commander starting Monday morning and finishing Friday morning. I did that 2 consecutive weeks.

  5. Who is the manufacturer of those figures? For rules, have you thought of 'Victory without Quarter'? You can get them here - http://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B2z9Y0PeMN7TMjVmOGU3NDItMmYzZC00Y2RiLTg1YjItNjRhNGQxNDRkZTlm&hl=en

  6. Those figures are Warlord Games plastics