Monday, June 7, 2010

Modern Mayhem.

 this weekend saw my interest in my modern gaming collection revitalized.  back a little over a week ago, when my gaming club(MIGS) had it's failed open house and gaming day, i pulled out and set up my 28mm modern collection, seen HERE.  Well my friend Jon Holmes and played the first turns a week ago Sunday.  Jon could not make it this pas Friday,  so  my friend mike Garner(seen commenting on hte last post as Streetcar mike) showed up to the club and we finished the game.

The game was a meeting engagement between Iraqis and British. The Iraqi force had  Republican guard platoon(2 squads) in BMPs, a Iraqi regular platoon in BTRs( 4 squads, 3 BTRs) and a recon troupe of an AML 90 and a BRDM-2. the British had 4 sections of 8 man mounted in a quartet of Warrior ICVs, a 4-man platoon command squad, and a GPMG team. mounted in an FV432. on the 3rd turn we were going to bring in 2 T-72M1s and a challenger 1 for fun.

In the first turn, due to the luck of the cards, I  managed to destroy 1 BMP and half a republican guard squad. before any Iraqi knew what was going on. I won't bore you with too many specifics, but they the end of the turn,1 BTR-60 immobilized and 14.5mm MG destroyed 1BTR-60, 2 BMPs, and the AML 90 were destroyed, along with 1 Warrior destroyed and one disabled for the next 3 turns.  during the 2nd turn, the British ripped the heart out of the republican guard squad, destroyed another BTR-60, and did some damage to a regular squad. unfortunately, 4 of 8 British fire teams had been killed, 2 were at half strength and broken, and another warrior ICV was immobilized. Mike was rolling terribly high and wiped out more then half my platoon in a single turn! we called the game at that point, since he still had almost a full platoon of Iraqis, and i was struggling to make 3 fire teams of Brits.

 We were using modified arc of fire, which I have decided doesn't really capture the scale or flavour I'm looking for.  it doesn't treat cover in a way that works for what I am looking for.  It is clearly not really meant for urban areas, or very close-ranged fighting.  I have been planing to switch to Disposable heroes, and the Seek Out, Close With and Destroy  modern expansion. I've tried it a few items but had some issues with finding rules in the books. at that time i had come to the end of my interest in modern and put it all aside.

 So yesterday(Sunday), Dave Hoyt and Jon Holmes came down and we played the Disposable Heroes rules.  the game was much more to my liking, and with both Dave and I having at least a peripheral understanding of the rules, it went quite well. we only had an infantry battle between 2 platoons, but it worked well. especially since Jon kept hitting my poor Brits with RPGs (no easy task under the rules).

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