Saturday, June 5, 2010

I See Fences In My Future....

So i was out at a local hobby store today and stumbled on a great find.  a box of 2000 2" matches sticks, exactly the size i need for fences. cots me $18.75 plus tax. that's slightly over $0.01 a stick after tax!  I see many many fences in my future.

Dundas Valley Hobby doesn't' carry any war gaming figures anymore(although she still has a dozen Warhammer fantasy boxes downstairs♦), but they are a fantastic store for raw materials. I buy all my plastic, most of my wood, and super glue there.  The also have the best selection and prices on trees.

The store owner/operator, Robin, Loves seeing people's work.  I've started keeping a handful of miniatures in her display cabinet to help advertise MIGS.

I also grabbed some trees While I was there to make some 1x1 foot orchard bases.  I only used 4 trees, Because I'm a cheap bastard. i got one surrounded by a stone wall mostly finish. just need to paint the base and flock it. I should have it done tomorrow  morning.