Thursday, June 3, 2010

ECW Dragoons

Since mid march I've been trying to talk other gamers at the club(MIGS) into doing 28mm English Civil War. Warlord Games has a wonderful Pike & Shotte line of 28mm plastics that will do very nicely. Even better, they are quite cheap.

I started in early April by picking up a box of Warlord Games Dragoons from Bayshore Hobbies.  the box comes with 12 metal riders, 12 plastic horses, and 12 dismounted dragoon plus plastic bases(50x50 for the cav, 40x40 for the infantry). I got them on sale for $39.95 CDN, but the regular price is $44.95CDN.  I Quite like these figures. I have only painted up 2/3rds of the mounted and 1/3rd of the dismounted figures so far, as a teaser to show of the figures, and get others into the period. Since no one else ihas bought into it yet., I feel no rush to complete these.

The only niggle I have with them has nothing to do with the figures. The cavalry base sprue comes with enough 50x50 mm bases to do all the mounted figures, but the infantry base sprues only have 2 40x40mm bases, 2 20x40mm bases, 2 20x60mm bases, and a load of individual bases. I don't know about everyone else, but i like to have all my units on the same size bases.  I do not need tons of individual bases. As I understand it, these base sprues were designed by Renedra, not Warlord, so it is really not their fault.  luckily, this is only a minor problem, since bases are easily bought or made elsewhere. it also helped that last weekend Derek Watson came down to MIGS with a bag of 40x40mm aluminum bases, to give away, that happen to be exactly the same as the Warlord bases. so now i have no shortage for them.

That being said, I have already purchased a Battalia box from Bayshore for 74.95. The Battalia box contains 80 pike & shot infantry, 24 cavalry,  and 10 firelock musketeers. This is a great starter for anyone thinking about getting into the period. I actually got 11 firelocks in my box.  If anyone has an extra firelock musketeer they'd be willing to part with, let me know. I'd like to round out the unit to 12.


  1. Very nice! If I was starting ECW from scratch I would go for the Warlord figures. They are just excellent with more interesting models coming out all the time. My troops are Renegade/Bicorne and are too big to match the smaller Warlord ones.

  2. Find a decent set of rules for ECW and I may (stress "may") be recruited into this endeavour :)


  3. Kurt Hummitzsch and I are in the process of painting up the Warlord ECW as both parliament (me) and royal (him) in anticipation of the Field of Glory: Renassance rules coming out in September. Maybe we'll be able to connect with you guys and try the armies out.

    Dan Thompson

  4. I buy all my bases from East Riding Miniature's, they are 2mm. MDF, if you need a special size, as on occasion I have, it may be possible for them to make them for you. The prices are reasonable and the service is fast. have a look and see what you think. Richard