Friday, June 11, 2010

French & Indian war Photo Shoot

*Warning, Picture-Heavy Post*

This week I received more Old Glory Figures for my Sharp Practice FIW project.  I got 2 cannon teams for both armies, 1 bag of command for both armies, as well as a bag of limbers and a bag of coehorn mortars.  I was quite surprised with the quality. Most of the command figures and gun crews were very much above what I have come to expect from non-2nd edition OG figures.  I though the line infantry were on the good side for OG! One looker-on at the club thought some of the command were Front Rank for a moment.

Anyway. I got these on Tuesday. Since then I have painted 3 commanders(or big Men, as sharp Practice calls them) for each side, a standard bearer, a Drummer and 1 gun team each. and to top it off, I painted My Indian village on Wednesday and made 8 more blinds on Thursday..  A pretty good week all in all.

So tonight, while I was at MIGS(gaming club in Hamilton Ontario) I took the opportunity to take a few pics of my collection.

So far my British army  has 3 groups of line Infantry and 1 group of grenadiers(all of the 44th Foot) 1 group of light Infantry,  1 group of Virginia militia, 2 groups of Colonial rangers, and 1  cannon & crew.  It also includes 8 Big men, among which is George Washington and his dogs.

Virginia Militia with George Washington & dogs 
By Eureka Miniatures

Front Rank Grenadiers

Old Glory Gun team & line infantry

My french Army Consists of  3 units of line & 1 unit of grenadiers(all of the Languedoc Infanterie), 2 unit of  Companies Franches de la Marine, & 1 cannon & crew. I also have 20 Indians to accompany them. I have  6 French big men and 2 Indian big men to lead them.

Old Glory French Cannon, crew, and line infantry

Conquest Compagnies franche de la marine 

Old Glory Infantry & command. 
The big man right of the Standard is from the 
Blue Moon Duelists set.
Perry Miniatures Indians  in the Village
Indian Close up.

In Sharp Practice, you usually start with 'Blinds' on the table instead of units. it is a simple and great way to generation the fog of war. here's a picture of the blinds  i have for my British army. I have another 10 for the french as well.

I have another cannon  team for each army, a pair of coehorn mortars,  and another unit of light infantry for the British. I plan on buying 5 packs of Conquest Indians and 3 packs of Companies franches de la marine for my French/Indians, and 2 more groups of 8 Virginia militia plus some  militia command.

Eventually I'm looking at doubling my line infantry contingent for both armies, and adding some Courier de bois.Canadian militia as well.



    That settlement is awesome! French & Indian War is a very interesting period. Your terrain is superb.

    Would you like to exchange links?

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    and sure, I'll post a link to your blog.

  3. Very nice - I especially like the blinds.

  4. Great pictures! I'm actually just getting into the period myself....may I ask where you got the 8 individual stands and the rectangle group stand?

  5. Hey Anonymous,

    the 8 individual bases are Gale Force 9 econobases(25mm round) and the large rectangular movement trays are GW War of the Ring Infantry Trays. you get 3 trays in a bag for $5(might cost a little less depending on the country you're in)

    Hope that helps.

  6. That does help, I'll look into that. Thank you for the quick response!!

  7. You've some really nice figures, I love the stockade, I'll have to build one of them myself.