Friday, June 25, 2010

Rock Outcroppings Finally Finished!

Well  I finally managed to finish off the first 3 of my rock outcroppings. they tuend out pretty good i think, especially for a first try. 

The trees I used were a mixture of things. the tall darker  coniferous trees are Bachmann trees. I really like their pine and spruce trees. Best of all,  for 11 bucks you get 8x 3-4" trees, or 3x 5-6" trees. the other coniferous were whatever I could scrounge up. There are 3  cake ornament trees, and the rest of them are the cheap bottle brush variety you see at Christmas, with some flocking added.  The deciduous trees on the 2 smaller formations are some "dead tree" plastic armatures from an old Siege board game that my friend Derek Watson gave me.  Normally they are decidedly two dimensional, but I used my heat gun and bent them around a bit. The foliage is Heavy duty stripping pad, torn up and stuck to the armature with hot glue.  learning to use this stuff to make trees will come in very handy for doing bushes and hedges with the same stuff in the future.
Perry Miniatures AWI Indians pictured 
on the largest outcropping

I have the other 5 outcroppings  treed-up and ready to flock. I'm hopping to finish them off today.
Conquest Miniatures Compagnies Franches de la 
Marine on 2 smaller outcroppings

Also, Thursday morning a shipment of Eureka French & Indian war colonial infantry arrived, so expect to see them kicking around the blog some time this weekend.

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