Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Outcropings Revisited

Well it's been a week and a half since i last posted about the Rock outcroppings i was building out of Ceiling tiles.  initially this went quite well.  Unfortuantely, i did not have speciufic details on how to mix the carpenter's glue, water, and Durabond 90.

For starters, Durabond 90 does not mix properly with Carpenters glue(it does however with white glue). I had to mix it with the water before adding the glue.  after 2 coats of this mixture i found out that when you reach a certain amount of Durabond 90 in a carpenters glue-water mixture, it gels after about 10 minutes, and there is little way to slow the gelling process.

After that i switched to white glue, and all the problems ceased. you can mix in a ton of Durabond 90 without having to worry about it solidifying rapidly.  for the last 2 coats i mixed in a bit of gray paint. in between htese last 2 coats i left  the peices for about 24 hours in between coats.

The pics here show the outcroppings glued to MDF bases, partially painted, and with trees leaned up against them were I intend to glue them down.  I'm intending to glue some flock mix randomly around  outcroppings, and I have some clump foliage to spread around them too.  I'm planning to have these finished by Friday.

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